Green Way To Clean Windows: with used newspapers


Green Way To Clean Windows

Green Way To Clean Windows: With Used Newspapers.

Are you looking for a natural, non-chemical way to clean your windows?

Here is the answer: use the newspaper.

Benefits of using a newspaper as a window cleaner:

1. Doesn’t leave streaks
2. Non- allergic
3. You don’t have to buy it, just use one from your post box.
4. Natural.
5.It is a way of recycling.
6. Easy: just newspaper and water needed.

I am a big lover of recycling process in any possible way. I love to find ways how to give new life to things. But it is sad to admit that this green recipe is not my idea. Newspapers where used to clean windows in the former Soviet Union in every house. On the one hand this is because it is very effective, on the other hand in the Soviet Union nothing else was available for the windows cleaning.
The Soviet Union is already in the past but the newspaper will be the best way to clean your windows forever.

During lifetime I tried different ways and сleaners: gel and traditional sponge, liquid cleaner with a special rubber brush. Effect was always the same: it becomes cleaner in one places but leaves streak all over the window or mirror. The other bad thing about all of those cleaners is that they are full of chemicals. So we do not only clean the window but also inhale dangerous ingredients of the cleaners.

Using a piece of old newspaper is an easy way to make your windows or mirrors 100% clean, with No Streaks!

How it works:

Take a piece of newspaper and some water in a bowl or just wet a facecloth. Any way it’s up to you how you manage to do it, but the surface you would like to clean should be wet. Than wipe surface with a newspaper until it’s dry.

It is not green to use newspaper because it is made out of the trees!?

I use for cleaning only the newspapers that comes to my home accidently: ina post box as an advertising, with a mango wrapped in a newspaper which I bought on the market.

Сhemical cleaners and plastic brushes for cleaning windows are really hard to recycle. They live their dangerous tracks on the surface of the earth for years.

Quite another matter is newspaper: cleans effectively and is easy to recycle.

Looking forward to your comments.
Maria Kalita,
Tibetan traditional therapist,
Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation,
Enthusiastic soap cook.

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