Have a Strong Desire To Save The Planet? Save a Plant.

Have a Strong Desire To Save The Planet?
Save a Plant.

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This is a story of a dying Adenium plant I have found near the dust bin.

It was brought there, indeed thrown away and was waiting for a garbage truck.

I found it and brought home. I believed that with love and some water it will come back to life.

And here we are- new leaves are coming and the atmosphere of our home fulfills with happiness and thirst for life.

This episode doesn’t make any difference on the scale of universe but it makes a big difference for one plant.

A little plant saved and I have a new green pet not needing to buy one in a shop.
Pure profit, don’t you think so?

Looking forward to your comments.
Maria Kalita,
Tibetan traditional therapist,
Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation,
Enthusiastic soap cook.

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