Sleep Tips: 14 Tips To Better Sleep.


Sleep Tips: 14 Tips To Better Sleep.

In Eastern Medicine sleep is called «a wet nurse of the world» because it nourishes all live beings and activates their growth.
During sleep time we fulfill with life energy and relaxes so let’s make sure that you know main Sleep Tips.

Here are Sleep Tips: 14 steps to better sleep:

Best time for sleep:

1. Midnight is the time of relaxation for all the nature. It is very important to sleep from 22 til 00. It is connected to the fact that body is put to sleep in deep dreams and the min rests properly.

2. Sleep between 00 and 2 fulfills body with life energy. During this period a person can dream nightmares or sweet dreams ( depending on how the day was spend)

3. 2-4 in the morning. Sleep during this period fills mind with pleasure.

4.Lack of proper night sleep provokes day sleep wich is not healthy for all people ( exception are children and elder ones)

5. Improper position during a sleep and improper sleep times can be a reason of inner organ disorders.

6. Sleep on the left side facilitates digestion.

7.Sleep on the right sides gives deep relaxation. If you can’t fall a sleep because of excitement it is better to lie on he right side.

8.If temperature in the room is rather low- lied down on a left side. this position will activate your inner natural heat.

9. Sleeping on a tummy is good for girls it activates circulation in genitals and activates female energy.

10. The worst sleep position is on a big pillow.

11. It is not allowed to overeat physically and mentally before going to sleep.

12. Sleeping with your head towards North activates a will of power.The one that sleeps head towards South- activates his feelings

13. Sleeping with your head towards West develops tendency to bad intentions and lies. Sleeping towards East activates spiritual search.

14. After waking up before breakfast it is good to drink a glass of warm water. It wakens up your digestion. Before going to sleep drink a glass of warm milk with cinnamon, it will relax your mind and you will have a deep proper sleep.

Looking forward to your comments.

Maria Kalita,
Tibetan traditional therapist,
Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation,
Enthusiastic soap cook.

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