Looking for an easy way to create green environment at home?



Looking for an easy way to create an eco environment at home?

Just plant a flower in a pot!

Most of the people can be divided into 2 groups: those that effectively grow plants and flowers everywhere ( at home, at work, in the garden), and those who say that all plants die in their hands and homes.
No matter what type are you , surely you will agree that the cultivation of pot plants in the house is a beautiful hobby.
It allows you to have a little piece of nature in your own home.

Plants in pots make any room very cozy and easier to breathe in.
But keeping a small garden at home is not just a question of style it is the most simple and exciting way to defend loved ones from a variety of diseases.

According to numerous studies plastic, silicone, PVC windows, electrical appliances have a negative impact on a human body and health. When the room is full of artifical materials and is rarely aired, it creates the ideal environment provoking various allergic reactions, headaches, development of infectious diseases.

But please don’t be afraid plants and flowers can help us saving atmosphere in our home.

What are the best flowers to grow at home and how they affect the indoor climate?

-Spider plant. Presence in the house of this modest-looking plant cleans environment from the adverse impact of artificial plastic material that may be there.

— Ficus Benjamin neutralizes the chemical substances used in the process of cleaning clothes or furniture.

— Asparagus purifies the air from heavy metals.

— Geranium has properties to the destruction of staphylococci.

— No less effective against viruses and pathogens are hibiscus, kalanchoe, laurel, rosemary, citrus trees.

Each plant is God creature with pronounced therapeutic effect. They save us from chemicals, viruses and bacteria.

I think now that no one will have any doubt:
Beauty saves the world!

Looking forward to your comments.


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