Natural Herbs To Keep Mosquitoes Away.

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Natural Herbs To Keep Mosquitoes Away.

Reasons to use herbs as a mosquito repealent:

— they are natural
— hypoallergenic
— don’t harm your skin
— don’t harm mosquitoes just frightens them away
— don’t harm nature
— don’t emit dangerous toxins in the air.

The same as people mosquitoes are very sensitive to fragrances.
Indeed if you like to attract thousands of small blood-drinkers the best idea is to get dirty, sweaty and heated! They certainly love such smells. But in every day life more often we try to get rid of them. There are many chemical industrial mosquito repellents that can help but what to do if your like me an «only natural and eco» person?

The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away Is To Use Natural Herbs.

Herbs that mosquitoes can’t stand:

Some Tips:
1. You can grow those herbs in your garden or on balcony in a pot. That would make a beautiful and natural protection of your home.
2. Put fresh or dried herbs near the head of the bed. This will protect the sleep of beloved ones.
3. Lighten up sheaf of dried herbs.Smelly smoke will frighten off mosquitoes. This method can be used to fumigate more space in a large room or can be used outside in a garden, valley or forest.
4. Essential oils of those herbs and trees can be used as a natural mosquito repealant. Add a couple of drops of essential oil to a tablespoon of basic oil and heat it in aroma lamp.

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