Passion Fruit As A Tasty Gelatin Alternative (Jam Recipe Included).

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Passion Fruit As A Tasty Gelatin Alternative (Jam Recipe Included).

There can be a couple of reasons to look for a gelatin alternatives:
— being allergic to it
— do not like the taste of gelatin
— avoid the use of animal origin products
— big love to everything home made and natural ( this point is for me)
— don’t have at home any gelatin though have a strong desire to make a thick jam.

Secret ingredient that makes a passion fruit a real alternative to gelatin is peсtin which is contained in fruits shells.

There are two ways to get pectin out of passion fruit shells:

1. Cut your passion fruits in half and scoop out the fruit pulp and seeds. Put the shells in a bowl with 2 cups of water and let it soak for 24 hours in the fridge.
Next day boil the shells for 12 minutes till almost all the water is absorbed. Now the fruit should peel easily . The thin outer skin comes off. Reserve the inner part of the shells and blend to a pulp with a quarter cup water. This pulp is a pure passion fruit pectin. Smelling like flowers and apples in one vial.

2.Put the shells in a bowl with 4 cups of water and boil them until the inner part of the shell is soft enough. It may take up to an hour. Than peel the thin outer skin and blend the inner part to a pulp.

Where The Passion Fruit Pectin can be used:
— to make a home made jam
— to make a colorful fruit jelly
— to make a nourishing hair mask

P.S. here is an easy and stunning Passion Fruit Jam Recipe.
1.When you have already have made a pectin mash out of passion fruit shells just add reserved juice and seeds.
2. Add some brown sugar (depending on your taste)
3. Squeeze some lime juice and jam is ready.

In general passion fruit juice and seeds can be replaced by any other fruit juice or berry pulp.

This jam is also brilliant because not cooked indeed. Fruit pulp was not processed with high temperatures so all the vitamins and minerals retain in a jam.

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Mary Rose

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