Therapy Cats: color makes a difference.

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Therapy Cats: color makes a difference.

Soft fur, wet nose and big eyes.

Cats …

Only few people know that domestic cats are also real therapists. Real naturopaths who use their inborn skills to treat many diseases of human body and mind.

It is they who are able to give us a feeling of peace and relaxation, even in the most cold and lonely evenings.

Often effects of the cats therapy remain unnoticed or not linked to their presence in home.

Cats are capable of drawing out negative energies. I noticed everyone thinks that cats love to lie on electric devices. This is their way of uploading with negative energy. With human beings, the situation looks alike. When because of health disorders energetic cats feel those disorders and lie on the affected area.

Scientific research show that cats are able to relieve headaches, lower blood pressure, stop inflammation inside the body. In order to obtain relief, just let the cat lie on you and hear her purr.
Those who have a cat in their house live 4-5 years longer than those who do not have any pets.

Suitability for cat therapy is very personal and difficult to predict.
A lot depends on subtle deep fascia between man and a cat .
However it is considered that females are better dtherapiests than tom cats.
Every cat not depending on the breed has medicinal skills but in a cat therapy color makes a difference.

Black cats draw out negative energy.

Cream cats balance human energy.

Ginger cats recharge human with positive energies.

Gray cats calm the nervous system.

White cats have all the above mentioned skills.

I guess keeping a cat is not only pleasure but also a home therapy… a wise and effective because 100% natural.

Looking forward to your comments.


Mary Rose

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