What Are Pomegranates Good For?

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What Are Pomegranates Good For?

I have loved pomegranates since my early childhood never knowing why. Now living in Thailand those juicy red fruits are everyday on my table and I am grown up enough and experienced to know indeed how many health benefits eating pomegranate gives me.

What part of pomegranates can we use for our health?

-The bark :
It contains tannins, which have a disinfectant action. The bark of the pomegranate is a potent medicine against dysentery, intestinal disorders and even tuberculosis.

— Pomegranate seeds:
It improve appetite and normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, treats various heart diseases. In addition, it is believed, if you regularly eat pomegranates it prophylaxize exhaustion of the body, atherosclerosis, and anemia.

— Pomegranate juice:
It has purifying ability. It contains antioxidants even more than in green tea. Drinking fresh increases hemoglobin, improves appetite.

Pomegranates are specially dear to me because of its cosmetic properties.

For skin:
Pomegranate juice may be used as a lotion to prone oily skin. It has astringent effect and reduces the excess secretion of glands.

Contained in pomegranate juice acids have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, lightens freckles and age spots, prevent the development of unwanted microorganisms.

For hair: You can add some pomegranate juice to the water to rinse hair after washing. This cocktail gives hair shine and and neutralizes residues of alkaline shampoo.

Have a good day and eat pomegranates!


Mary Rose


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