Perfect Girly Skin Care: Pink Ice Cubes

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Every girl wants her skin to be shiny and ideal and every girl likes Pink.

So how can we connect those two girly loves together? Pink Ice Cubes is the answer.


How does it work?

Step 1. In order to make Pink Ice Cubes you need to freeze a strong decoction of hibiscus into ice molds.Better to take care of this in the evening.

Step 2. In the morning wash your face with a cute pink ice cube.

Benefits of Pink ice Cubes Skin Care:

— constrict the pores

— reduces sebaceous and sweat excretion

— stimulate blood circulation and skin metabolism

— due to the high content of acid hibiscus decoction cleanses the skin from dead cells

— due to high content of Vitamin C whitens the skin.

Interesting Fact: Beauty Secret from Cleopatra. You can also take bath with hibiscus decoction. Such bath activates body, strengthens blood circulation and gives the skin a light tan color.

It is important to wash your face with Pink Ice Cubes every day. Only in a week time you will definitely see the result. Your skin will be thankful for your love and care.


This procedure is ideal for those who have combined or oily skin. If your skin is rather dry than combined be careful with this procedure.Applying ice cubes straight to your skin can cause delicate capillaries under your skin to break so wrap the ice cubes in a wash cloth and then apply them to your skin. 


Mary Rose

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