The Best Skin Care is Healthy Breakfast


The Best Skin Care is Healthy Breakfast.

Healthy, clean skin is a unique feature of youth and health.

Always to enjoy the reflection in the mirror one should know that the best skin care is proper healthy diet.

Morning is the best time to start your healthy skin nutrition.

This breakfast will help to fill your body with  necessary vitamins and energy.

EFFECTS: clean, beautiful skin and good mood.


2 tablespoons of cereal: oatmeal, whole grains, fiber, flax + a handful of nuts+ a handful of dried fruit (1 plum, a handful of raisins, 1 apricot).

What To Do?

All components in the evening pour with warm but not hot water and leave overnight. In the morning all the water will be absorbed. Add a tablespoon of cold-pressed linseed oil and a little bit of honey.

Enjoyed the recipe? Follow it and you will enjoy the result!


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  1. […] Blend all the ingredients, add some water to get ideal  delicate texture. Drink this Morning Energy Booster 20 minutes before the breakfast or let it be your light and healthy breakfast. ( Also check Healthy Breakfast for your Skin) […]

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