20 Cheap Ways to go Green


Do at least one thing from the list every day and you will get closer to the idea of Enviromentally Friendly Lifestyle

At work:

1. Use a laptop, not a desktop computer because the laptop uses less energy.

2. Try not to print the documents. Encourage others to the electronic exchange of documents.

Attitude to nature:

3. During the walk in the forest, or a meadow, gather garbage. And not only yours, but any that is left. This will help to get rid of the traces of human activities.

4. Plant a tree, at least one in your own garden. Maybe you like it so much that it will be hard to stop.

5. Do not buy сut off flowers, just flowers and plants in a pot.


6. Take care of your diet. It has to be natural and balanced with a big percentage of vegetable products.

7. You should learn to understand the language of your body. It is the best prophylaxis of any health prolbems ever.

8. Buy only natural organic cosmetics or do it by yourself at home.


9.Always turn off all the lights and electrical equipment when you go out or you are asleep.

10. Do not pour water unnecessarily. Washing your teeth, turn the water stream, until you really need it..

11.Try to minimize usage of plastic. Dishes or flowerpots may be made of glass or ceramic.

12. Use just natural remedies to fight the insects on your own earth.

13. Find a second life of unnecessary things.

14. Take an advantage of accumulators, do not use batteries.

15. Sistematicaly segregate your garbage..

16. Do not throw out the unnecessary paper.


17. Do not take plastic bags, use your own eco bag.


18. Do not through away unnecessary things. Better give them to social organizations or people in need.

19. Try to walk on foot rather than use traction. A bikeis also a good choice. It is a combination of exercise and love nature.

20. React patiently to aggressive behavior.The smile is never superfluous and makes people happier. And a happy man is more likely to think about others and the destiny of our planet.


Mary Rose

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