Creative Recycling


Do you really recycle whatever is possible?

I try to do so.
Before throwing away anything I try to think of a new way how to use the thing.
With my imagination I try to give a new chance and a new life to damaged or broken things.
This time my imagination worked very well.
When I found out that my new glass teapot was broken I was very sorry and couldn’t imagine to get rid of it.
The glass is so thin and beautiful. So I gave myself a bit of time. Finally today I found a way how to give this teapot another chance.
For a couple of days I was looking for an ornamental flowerpot
to make a little cactus garden in it for my kitchen.
So why not to use a damaged glass teapot as one?
And so I did.
Now a little beautiful cactus garden grows inside a glass teapot.
I couldn’t think of a better flowerpot for a kitchen.

What are your lifehacks in recycling?

Looking forward to your comments.

Mary Rose

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