Natural Shampoo For a Daughter


A comment from a reader of this group about using a rye flour as a shampoo!

I am sharing this message with the permission of the author, loving mother aiming for naturalness in everything:

I absolutely must write about my experiment with rye shampoo.
My daughter enters the period of maturation and her hair start to super fat. Also dandruff appeared.
So I decided to use one of your recipes.

Recently I washed her hair with rye flour and the effect is amazing.
Her hair even after a few days is not greasy. Dandruff is nearly gone too.

In fact that there was a little amount flour in hair after washing. But we managed to comb it out very easily.

Before applying we added a bit of rosemary essentialoil to flour. It was such a great idea.

Hair washed with a natural shampoo and smelling with a real rosemary!

Truly saying I am a real fan of your rules, post them as much as possible.

Yours sincerely.

I am thankful for all of you not only reading this blog but using this information in your everyday life.

It is so inspiring to read your comments.

It makes me feel that what I write about makes a real difference.

P.s. if you have tried any of RoseMary recipes please feel free to write to me. I will share your comments in the group and it will inspire even more people to start leading a simple and healthy life.


Mary Rose

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