DIY: Natural Sunscreen


You will find out how to make a natural sun lotion just in 3 steps and using just 3 ingredients.

Sounds like a fib?

With HealingTree recipes fantasy of any Eco-Enthusiast becomes reality.

1) extra virgin coconut oil
2) pepermint
3) mint or green tea essential oil.

Step 1: A glass bottle fill with peppermint leaves.

Step 2: Pour coconut and essential oil in a bottle with mint.

Step 3: Leave your coconut & mint lotion in a warmplace for 2 weeks.
Voila, a natural sunscreen is made!

Coconut is very well known as a natural solar filter. Peppermint is an active cooler. Together they make an ideal remedy to protect the skin from the sun.

Since I’ve started using it, no red cheeks and noses just a beautiful golden sun tan!

Looking forward to your comments.


Mary Rose

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