How To Deal With Coffee Craving


Coffee Addict?

Don’t Know How To Deal With Coffee Craving?

Any food craving is a mirror of our actual emotional state.

Are you surprised?

Food Cravings — it’s not only desire of certain taste as anaspiration to achieve a balance with the selected flavor.

However to satisfy mental hunger the desired taste can be «absorbed» by means of any senses and in numerous ways , not necessarily with food

Craving for «invigorating» food, which gives a quick burst of energy — such as coffee, cola or chocolate — it really striving for something warms and stimulating.

It is usually accompanied by emotional state of lethargy, apathy, sadness and depression.

All this — Badkan energy imbalance symptoms.

So if you are craving for »invigorating» food instead of eating do something from the list:

— make a self-massage using oils with a pungent smell, such as clove and rosemary

— listen to loud, energetic, cheerful music.

— drink ginger tea with honey.

To be continued….

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