How To Deal With Food Cravings Without Eating?


Any food craving is a mirror of our actual emotional state.

Are you surprised?

Due to Eastern Medicine food provides us not only with vitamins but also with subtle elements which equilibrates our emotions, energy and mind.

Food Cravings — it’s not only desire of certain taste as an aspiration to achieve a balance with the selected flavor.

Problem is that food cravings healed with food can cause surfeit and result health problems and overweight.

However to satisfy mental hunger the desiredtaste can be «absorbed» by means of any senses and in numerous ways , not necessarily with food.

When Craving For «Comforting» Food:

Craving for «comforting» food — sweets, carbohydrates and fatty dishes — this really the desire for something warm, nourishing and soothing. It is usually accompanied by conscious or subconscious feelings of anxiety, insecurity, anxiety, fear, excitement or disappointment.

In other words, it is — a manifestation of Rlung energy disbalance. This craving can be easily eliminated with the help of actions that soothes Rlung energy.

So if you are craving for »comforting» food instead of eating do something from the list:
— put orange essential oil on the pulse points
— devotee «sweet» memories
— talk to a friend
— listen to *sweet* music
— drink some fennel tea.

To be continued….

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