Wood Combs For Healthy Hair

Natural Wood Comb is a real «must have» for those who are interested in a professional natural hair care.

Correctly selected comb — this is a huge investment in every day beauty process.

It is believed that it is best choice for hair care is a combs made of wood.

Warm energy of wood affects hair.
For example oak calms unruly hair, eliminates static electricity.
Birch, on the contrary, stimulates weak and thin hair.

Regardless to the type of wood the comb is made of it has numerous benefits.

Wood comb:

— doesn’t harm the hair.
— suitable for all hair types
— aromatherapy during combing.
— natural massage of the scalp while combing hair which improves their nutrition and stimulates growth.
— wood comb doesn’t generate any static like their plastic brethren.
— the fibers in the wood also help to spread the natural oils around for healthier hair.

In order to achieve the maximum health effect make sure to comb your hair with natural wood comb two times a day 100 times. This procedure takes only 2-3 minutes but brings notable improvements to the hair condition. With time hair becomes strong and shiny.

P.s. real wood comb should not be varnished to avoid the penetration of any chemicals into the scalp and hair.

Looking forward to your comments.

Mary Rose

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