Handmade Soap «Morning Mist»

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It is specially made for a demanding men’s skin.

The specificity of this soap is to protect the skin from weather, treat the minor cuts after shaving.

Also like every natural soap this one can heal burns!

The smell of this soap is very masculine. It’s a mixture of grass aroma, bark and sweet grapefruit.


— Grape seed oil makes the soap foam very soft and creamy. After the bathing with this sopa there is no need to use body cream. Skin is fresh and moisturized.

— Coconut oil makes the soap very solid.

— Decoction of sage and mint (grown with love in my garden) have cooling and wooden scent.

— A blend of essential oils of peppermint and pine have a deep, bitter smell. Helps with abrasions and inflammatory rash.
Impact on the emotional sphere: eliminates pessimism and effectively reduces self-pity.

— Grapefruit oil has a strong, fresh, spicy aroma with a hint of tarragon. It tones the nervous system, relieve fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, restores self-objectivity.
— Green clay has anti-bacterial action.

— Pumpkin seeds.

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Mary Rose

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