5 life Hacks How To Survive And Not To Eat Meat.

My 2, 5 years experience shows that vegetable diet is not only healthy but very tasty.

Anyway if I knew some life hacks I guess my way to a no meat diet would be easier.

So welcome, here they are easy ways to make big changes in your life in an easy and pleasant way:

1.Try to substitute meat with vegetable protein sources such as legumes,dairy . Remember that exclusion of meat doesn’t provide you automatically to health. Only balanced diet does so. No matter what you choose to eat meat or not make sure your body gets everything needed.

2.Change your diet gradually. Do not give up meat immediately. This habit was formed with years and it is difficult to get rid of quickly. Even if you have enough strong determination to do so, the temptation to return to normal eating habits will be strong. It is better to change your diet step by step: try to eat meat not so often just twice a week, than once a month and then with time stop eating it.

3. Try to combine different recipes so they remain nourishing,tasty but with no meat.

4. Try to cook your favorite dishes but with no meat. You can be very surprised that they can be still tasty and sometimes even better in a new no meat style.

5.Plan in advance. When you change your diet you are not used to plan what will you eat and where. So when you come to the party you can be surprised that all the dishes have meat as ingredient. So the good idea is either to eat at home before the party or to take a vegetarian dish with you. On the one hand you will definitely have something to eat on the other hand everyone will be pleasantly surprised by your care.

Looking forward to your comments.

Mary Rose

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