MythBusters : How to survive and not to eat meat?


Most of the people at least once in their lifetime thought of eating less meat or even trying a no meat diet but always had millions of different fears in their heads. It all comes down to one: is it healthy for my body and will I survive?

Most of this fears are based on prejudices and fables read in some non scientific literature or heard from friends.

Here is the list of most popular once.

Myth 1. Vegetarians have a lack of protein in their body which occurs health problems.

Indeed, proteins are the main building blocks of the body.They’re used to make muscles, tendons, organs,skin, enzymes and hormones.Without protein, life as we know it would not be possible. Modern scientific researches show that The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.
Let’s together compare the amount of proteins in animal and veggie products to find out if animal products are the only source of protein for each of us or it is just a myth. (g/100g)
Pork — 25
Chicken — 25
Rabbit — 25
Бекон — 23
Sausage — 14

Lentils — 24
Shelling peas — 23
Beans — 21

Peanuts — 26.3
Cashew — 20
Almonds — 18.6

More examples:
Wheat groats — 11.3
Oatmeal — 11
Oat groats — 11
Buckwheat — 10
Tofu — 17
Wheat bran — 15.1
Wholegrain corn — 10.3
White bread — 8.1
Milk Chocolate — 6.9

I guess now it is clear that choosing NO MEAT diet is not the same as NO PROTEIN diet, indeed it is really easy to fill the body with the daily amount of protein by simply using various vegetable diet.

Myth 2. Vegetable proteins are bad quality.
Indeed the truth is just opposite. Vegetable proteins are easier to digest which makes them more energetic food. Animals proteins need more time, energy and digestion juices to be digested when vegetable proteins are a quick source of energy to our body.

Myth 3. Our body needs a number of essential amino acids and the meat is an only source of it.

Indeed it is true that there are 9 amino acids that cannot be synthesized de novo (from scratch) by the organism and therefore must be supplied in its diet. The most popular product that provide as with all of 9 essential amino acids is indeed meat but surely not the only.All the essential amino acids are found in vegetable products but in different amounts.Combining different products can make a deal.

For example:
Tofu+ Wheat

Now you can be sure that your body gets all the essential amino acids even sticking to a No Meat diet.

These are only myths but what about real life and real No Meat Diet?

I am on No Meat Diet since 2012 still happy and even healthier than before.

How is it possible?

Find life hacks on how to survive on No Meat Diet and to be healthy in my next articles.

To be continued…

Looking forward to your comments.


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