Treating a Cold and Flu the Holistic Way

Outside is stunningly warm but I’m sitting at home in warm socks and scarf because I have a sore throat. I always try to share information which is interesting and relevant.

First step: you should change the approach to treatment like to a fight, but rather to engage a dialogue with your body.

My method of treatment has the two main parts of:
1. Actual treatment

2. Energetic treatment

In my case, the actual treatment includes exclusively natural medicines for the treatment.
As soon as you feel pain in a throat begin the treatment:
— Gargle every 30-40 minutes with warm salt water (bactericidal action)
— after 10 minutes to rinse the bed I eat spurce jam  (bactericidal action + a big dose of vitamin C)
—  5-6 times a day drink raspberry tea.

If you get a runny nose:

— Make a homemade therapeutic inhalation. Pour into a deep bowl 1 l of boiling water, add a few drops of eucalyptus or pine essential oil. Impose a towel on your head and make a pair of therapeutic breaths. Repeat the therapy tice a day.

If there is a cough:
— heat a flat stones on the oven, wrap it in a towel and put on the lungs area.

Energetic Treatment:
First you need to take a look at possible causes of similar symptoms. Each symptom has its physical and emotional energy base. A common problem  with swallowing  says that man can not «swallow» specific words or situations.

No opportunity to speak shows that there is a complicated situation which should be definitely talked over  but you try to avoid possible conversation. A sore throat can also indicate that a particular situation keeps you «by the throat».

Also throat is associated with the energy of creativity. When there is pain, it may indicate a blocking of creative potential. In this situation, you need to afford yourself to do what you really want: singing, dancing, anything that brings true joy.

If all the above reasons do not apply to you, you might want to start an internal dialogue. When you find the real cause of the cold you ill have a warm and peace in your heart.
I hope that these information  will help you to recover quick as possible.

Mary Rose

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