Tutorial: How to make a homemade 100% natural antiperspirant.


Let’s make a homemade deodorant that REALLY works!

Why should you make one for yourself?
1. No smell
2. No bacteria
3. No chemical ingredients
4. No risk of breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

Ingredients you will need: 50 gr baking soda

50 gr rice flaour
50 gr coconut oil
essential oil Green Tea

Step 1: Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Step 2: Add coconut and essential oil.

Step 3: Thoroughly mix all the ingredients.

Step 4: Put our mixture into the mold and to the fridge.
In 20-30 minutes our hand and homemade antiperspirant is done.

At room temperature deodorant is hard. In summer it can be kept in a fridge.
Ho to use: I scrape out of the mold ~1 tsp, apply it directly under armpits, where it melts and soaks in.

How can this deodorant really work?

Natural plant ingredients can be very effective: baking soda kills the bacteria, which are the real reason of a smell. Rice flaour absorbs sweat.

Using this 100% natural antiperspirant you can pursue an active lifestyle with no risk of smelling even in summer, even in gym.

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Looking forward to your comments.

Mary Rose

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