Therapeutic Effect of A Clay Bowl

10259922_305016669647688_6399182723269859497_nWhat does the healthy lifestyle starts with? Healthy diet is my answer! The impact of the quality of food we eat for each of us is obvious. But hat about the dish in which you eat your meal? Is it made of natural materials is it healthy?

The most healthiest variant is to use dishes made of  clay. They are not only organic  but what is most interesting have clear therapeutic effect on humans body.

In old  times in every day life people used only those things that were not only comfortable but also healthy. Every little thing in the house had a dual purpose: its direct function and the function of balancing whether the mind, whether the body. All our life is made of small things, so let’s get serious about pots and dishes we use in our kitchen.

What we eat has the same meaning as that of what we eat.

I wonder what can a simple clay bowl bring to the everyday life of modern man ? Only convenience or subtle sense and even health?

Clay is very energetic material, thanks to the way of it’s uprising. Clay has been formed through thousands of years. Earth under the influence of rain and wind became tiny as dust. To make the dish a good quality clay is fired in special furnaces. So in fact, when we hold a clay pot  we have in our hands all elements: earth, water, air, fire. Thanks to this fact your clay bowl becomes a therapeutic one.

Food served in a clay bowl normalizes blood pressure, relaxes the nervous system, inhibits the attacks of breathlessness, works against allergy.

In order to benefit from the therapeutic possibilities of claybowl or pot it is enough to eat a meal of it or hold it in your hands for a few minutes.

Natural clay quickly takes away the negative energy and gives you  balancing energy of earth, wind, water and fire, which was accumulated in it for thousands of years.

It should also be emphasized that the natural clay has strong bactericidal capabilities. The milk doesn’t get sour in a  clay bowl for 3-4 days, hot tea stays for a longer time warm, as in a thermos, and the cold does not get hotter.

I personally experienced the magical effect of clay bowl on myself. Once I ordered 2 handmade bowls. But as I received the parcel, it turned out that one bowl was broke during shipment. It was only one turquoise bowl left. What is interesting if someone has eaten at least once of this bowl, he  always asks to eat a soup or porridge out of her . Because intuitively everyone feels that this bowl has its own character and subtle effect. Each dish eaten in a clay bowl becomes tastier.

And have you ever experienced  therapeutic effect of clay pots?

Mary Rose

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