How to prevent family conflicts? Healthy cooking!


The easiest way to prevent family conflicts is home-cooking!

There are certain rules which help to make every dish a real remedy that will balance physical and emotional state of our beloved ones.

The ancient Tibetans 1000 years ago new that we are what we eat. The most interesting is that such denunciation  does not lose its importance from time elapse. Properties of the food, its composition, temperature, even the smell and taste affect the quality of the body tissues and organs. Tibetans thought that our body gets from digested food not only fats, proteins or vitamins but also the subtle energies.They are absorbed into the body with the taste and color of food.

These energies have a strong impact on our mind, forming our mood. Depending on the taste and color of food our emotions change. With this knowledge, you can improve your mood by using individually selected dishes or prevent conflicts in your family.

Here they are, easy cooking rules which will help to make you and your family healthier, not only physically but also emotionally:

1. A sweet taste adds stability and liquidity to the mind. Calms and gives more positive view at the situation. The sweets are the easiest way to offset the unpleasant experience during the day. If the body needs sweet all the time, it means that we live constantly in a stress. In this case, a piece of chocolate or sweet pear will be the best “emotional ambulance.”  Choose only healthy sweets: fruits, sweat vegetables, nuts.

2. Spicy taste  stimulates the emotions of anger or jealousy. So spicy food for a bommer is the best way to activate him. For those who do sports professionally such food can cause emotional tension, and sleep disorders.

3. Bitter  taste evokes emotions, which is why most people intuitively avoid it in food. But the bitter taste will highlight other flavors, as well as in life not knowing about the bitter feelings such as sadness and loneliness we can not appreciate the joys of life.

4. Sour taste deprives fear, self-confidence and certainty of their abilities. Sour taste is necessary when we cook dinner for someone who doesn’t believe in himself.

Style of cooking certainly depends on what we want to achieve:  to cheer up a child after some troubles at school, or activate each other before an important professional meeting.

Balanced home-cooking balances emotions and the emotions of beloved ones. Balanced emotional state is the best way to prevent conflicts.and built happy relationship.

For healthy cooking you need to have a positive attitude to the process. Before starting to cook one should remember that we are what we eat. Knowing about everyday mysteries of tastes and emotions we can adjust the mood and are able to select whether today to be active and rapid as a stream or tranquil as the ocean itself.
Mary Rose

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