DIY: Yummy Orange & Sugar Face Scrub.


Why Orange & Sugar Face Scrub?

Easy to make, easy to store and though very effective!

This homemade scrub not only gently cleanses the skin but also moisturizes it.

It has a mild action, wonderful orange scent and looks so yummy you will probably want to eat it!

Skin become soft, pleasant to the touch. Combination of natural honey and essential orange oil raises the humor in cheerless day.

Orange & Sugar Scrub is  suitable both for  face and body care.


-can help reverse early signs of aging.

— gently removes accumulated dead and damaged skin cells

— enhances blood circulation (  these effect also can be reached with Pink Ice Cubes).

— increases skin cell regeneration .

Recipe: organic honey, white or brown sugar, grape seed oil, essential orange oil, crushed oat flakes.

Thoroughly mix the ingredients and store in a glass jar.

P.S. Gently massage your face with a homemade Orange & Sugar Scrub, leave it for 5-7 minutes to get a mask effect.Clean your face with a warm water. This homemade scrub should be used twice a week and can be stored in a glass jar in a bathroom.

Mary Rose

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  1. Never used orange for face products before. Thanks for the recipe.
    I shared this article on my site.

    • Thank you very much for your comment and share!Hope you will be an often guest on RoseMary Blog. Orange essential oil is excellent and gentle way to fulfill our skin with vitamins and minerals, so try it and share with us your effects.

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