Butterfly Pea Tea- Thai Health Secret

DSC02159Beautiful color of this herb drink makes me crazy! It reminds me of deep ocean, butterfly wings and freedom. It’s color was the reason I bought dried butterfly pea flower for the first time. Now knowing about special health benefits one can get by drinking this tea- it has become one of my beloved drinks in Thailand .It doesn’t mean that I have stopped drinking other herbs. For example number one in my list is still mint tea with its 5 health benefits.

Origin of this drink:

To make a Thai Health Blue Tea you need to have dried Butterfly Pea Flower which are very easy to find in Thailand in any market.

Butterfly Pea Tea Benefits:

* Stops the harmful effects of free radicals

*  Strengthens the hair for healthy hair growth

*  Prevents skin bruising

*  Keeps skin glowing & healthy

*  Treats urinary problems

*  Improves eyesight & night vision

*  Treats eye infections

*  Stimulates blood circulation

*  Detoxifies the whole body

*  Provides antioxidants

*  Slows aging process

*  Enhances immune system

*  Rich in Bioflavinoid, an ingredient in modern-day hair products that stimulate hair growth.

Interesting fact: For centuries Thai women have used the juices of anchan,a dark purple flowe, to promote dark, lustrous, thick hair. It was also rubbed into babies' eyebrows to make the brows grow thick and long.


How to use:

For a light flavor, take only 2-3 dried butterfly pea  flowers to one cup of tea, add boiling water, steep for 10 minutes and enjoy.  However, for a stronger taste (as I often take it) add 6 dried flowers to one cup of tea, steep for 15-20 minutes and then sit back, feet up, gazing at your tea in peace as you sip to good health.  You can always add raw honey, fresh squeezed lemon juice or even stevia to the brew for a sweeter taste.

P.S. Butterfly Pea Flowers can be also used as a coloring pigment for desserts or drinks. To get a dark blue color  take 6-10 butterfly pea flowers and add one cup of boiling water. To get a purple color do the same way but  add a pinch of lemon or lime juice at the end.

Looking forward fr your comments,

Sincerely Mary Rose

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