Laundry Without Chemicals Is Possible!

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How do you check if the cloth is clean?  Smells fresh? Than its clean.

But why our cloths smell fresh? The answer is easy and sad. Our cloth smells fresh only because of the chemicals which are used during washing process.

Why Chemical Detergents Are So Dangerous?

Chemicals left on our cloth after washing not only make it smell nicely but also can penetrate into our skin. It can easily provoke skin allergies. With time those detergents accumulate inside our body and can easily provoke different health disorders.

This is the reason why I am in an endless process of searching for perfect natural laundry detergent.

Though I  haven’t found yet the best ideal detergent but I would like to share the information about few ecological detergents that I use, depending on different situation and my needs.All tips can be easily used for machine wash.

Benefits From Using Natural Laundry Detergents:

— they do not provoke allergies

— chemicals don’t accumulate in our body

— they are cheap

— ecological which means no harm to our planet

Interesting Fact: various washing fabrics require different detergents. Acidic and neutral medium is good for washing products from animal fibers (wool, silk), alkaline - for washing  from vegetable fibers (cotton, linen); moderately alkaline medium- for washing fabrics of artificial and synthetic fibers.

List Of Natural Laundry Detergents with Some Tips:

1.Mustard powder. Take 50 gr of powder and put inside the washing machine just on the dirty cloth. Wash your cloth at 40 degree.Otherwise mustard powder can boil and loose its properties. Cloths washed with mustard powder smell so fresh and natural.

2. Salt. It an be used just the same way as mustard powder for machine wash or for hand wash. If you choose second variant just add 1 tablespoon to 1 liter of warm water and leave your cloth in this salty water for an hour. Than wash it. Salt is a very good choice for colorful linen fabric. Salt washes it perfectly but keeps the color.

3. Sodium carbonate. It is perfect for linen fabric. It makes it ideally clean and white. Use it just the same way as a salt for washing cloth.

4. Buckeye. Collect the buckeyes and take of the brown skin. Dry white inner core. Than make a flour out of it. Your natural washing detergent is ready. Use it as a traditional washing powder.

5. Beans.Cook 200 gr of white beans in 1 l of water. Water will become really soapy. Use this bean water for washing process.

I believe there are millions of ways how to wash cloth ecologically and easy.

What are your beloved methods?

Waiting for your comments,

Sincerely Mary Rose

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