3 Beauty Hacks In Dealing With Active Sunlight.

10690185_318710091658584_2653804286579635946_nIn Thailand the land of sun and smiles our skin needs to be protected from the action of sunlight every day, truly saying every second.

It should be remembered that the main cause of freckles and age spots is sunlight. They are easier to prevent than cure.

To do this, perform specific recommendations:

1) Every day, wipe the face with lime juice (for dry skin — mixed with water 1:2).
You can add a few drops of lime juice in a portion of the day cream that is applied to the face.

2) Daily wash your face with sour milk, regardless of skin type.

3) Add to your diet super foods rich in vitamin C (peppers, sauerkraut, apples, lemons, black currants, lime,d ark green leafy vegetables).

P.S don’t forget about natural sunscreen which can be easily homemade. It is an easy and healthy way to protect your skin from aggressive sun.


Mary Rose

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  1. Thnx for this post super helpful because I sometimes do get sun burnt. Really good tips to!
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