Bitter Chocolate Soap


This soap is made specially for lovers of dark chocolate.

Thanks to through selected ingredients it provides SPA effect on skin.

Natural cocoa in combination with orange peel creates amazing delicate scent.
Bitter Chocolate Soap Bar  leaves a lovely smell of orange peel and real chocolate on the skin.

In addition it hydrates the skin well and leaves it fresh.
This soap bar not only acts as an aromatherapy but gently nourishes stressed, dehydrated, prone to cellulite skin.

Magnolia flowers oil supplements skin with essential oils vitamins and minerals.
Orange oil has fat burning properties, also works as an anti-depressant.

-coconut oil
-grape seed oil
-magnolia flowers oil
-grapefruit essential oil
-orange essential oil
-orange peel

Soap Bar: 100 gram

Price: 3,5 $

Interested in buying? Please feel free to contact.


Mary Rose

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