DIY: Stressed Skin? Use Bay Leaves!

DSC02651Stressed skin?

Use Bay Leaves for your everyday skin care!


  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • whitening effect
  • reduces pores
  • improves the complexion

Is your skin stressed out from your busy, hectic day?

Mine usually is after a long day of work.

Please don’t be surprised being two i one: a housewife and a creative person is a big job really. It makes my day full of tasks which are just waiting  to be done and a lot of ideas which want  to be carried out into practice. Sometimes when creative ideas come into my head before all the routine tasks are made it can make my day very busy.Writing  an every day plan really helps but as man say if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. So life brings a lot of unexpected changes in my routine and like everyone sometimes I get stressed and my skin too.

As I am a real lover of natural homemade skin care I was looking for some ingredient which would effectively help my skin recover and would be easily found ( ideally on my kitchen). And here we are, at last I have found one.

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Bay Leaves!

Practical experience of using Bay Leaves in my everyday skin care show wonderful effects.

Bay leave effectively recover stressed, tired and prone to acne skin.

Whether you are not very keen on the odor of dried Bay Leave but still need to help your stressed skin please feel free to check Herbal Decoction Tonic recipe.

Skin Benefits of Bay Leaves:

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • whitening effect
  • reduces pores
  • improves the complexion

Interesting Facts: Bay Leaves are not only good for natural skin care but also very effective in treating  dandruff and hair loss. Bay Leave decoction can be used as a natural conditioner after every hair wash.

DSC02662What to Do?

1. A soothing facial steam to calm your stressed skin.

First, I combine five dried bay leaves with two cups of water, cover, and bring to a boil.

Then I remove the lid and continue to boil for about two minutes.

Next I pour the brew into a large bowl, tent a large towel over my head, and lean over the bowl.

The last thing I do is relax and let my face steam for ten minutes. Then follow this with a facial mask.

If you do this on a weekly basis, your skin will seem cleaner and feel revitalized and distressed. I do this and love how it makes my skin feel when I have finished.

2.  Bay Leave Face Cleanser. Boil dried Bay leaves the same way but use this decoction  as a face cleanser. This way Bay Leave Skin care can be made every day.

This easy recipe really works for me. I love such easy, natural and effective skin treatment.

And what about you?

How do you deal with stressed skin?

Waiting for your comments,


Mary Rose

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