Morning Energy Booster

DSC02703 Did you oversleep?

Or just the opposite didn’t have enough sleep?

In this situation you will probably need a Morning Energy Booster.

Just make sure this booster is natural and healthy.

Morning Energy Booster indeed is a fruit smoothie.

But not an ordinary one. This Morning Energy Booster has its small secret.

I always use one super energetic secret ingredient. Thanks to it any fruit smoothie becomes a real Energy Booster.

Ingridients for 2 portions:

Base of smoothie

— 1 mango

-1 banana

-1 guava

You can make your own mixture. Here are some classical ones which I really love:

-apple+ banana+ lemon

— blackberries+ banana

— mint+ avocado+ pineapple

-carrot+ lemon+banana

Secret ingredient:

-sprouts ( soy bean, radish, lentils…)

— honey

— spirulina

DSC02705What to do?

Blend all the ingredients, add some water to get ideal  delicate texture. Drink this Morning Energy Booster 20 minutes before the breakfast or let it be your light and healthy breakfast. ( Also check Healthy Breakfast for your Skin)

If you want to make this Morning Energy Booster high-calorie just add 2-3 spoons of natural yogurt or a raw egg.

If you would like to drink a mixture of quick and slow carbohydrates just add 2 spoons of oat flakes before blending your smoothie.


— natural

— non preservatives

— boost energy thanks to the big portion of vitamins and minerals

— very tasty

— easy to make

— mixing different fruits and secret ingredients you will always get a new taste.

P.S. for those who would like to try high-calorie variant but use just vegetable origin products here is a tip: use any nut milk you like.

Waiting for your comments,

Sincerely Mary Rose

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