Basil Seedlings Post or What Makes RoseMary Blog So Special?

DSC02744Do you remember my post about how to Stop Buying Basil & Grow It Indoors?

Today I would like to show you how my newborn baby Basil feels.

It is such a miracle to wake up and find a little plant where yesterday was just black soil. Those baby Basil Plants are still very small but I am hoping for the best. If everything goes well in a couple of weeks they will already have 3-4 real Basil leaves each and in a month first leaves can be used for a pesto.

This small kitchen miracle fulfills my day with silent joy. I eat my breakfast and look at those tiny seedlings reaching for the sun. They already brought so many happiness to my routine and just in a month I will use them on my kitchen or for making a vitamin face mask.

Do you think this post is about tiny Basil seedlings? No-no-no!

I hope with this post to show  that everything I am writing on RoseMary Blog is not just interesting facts about green lifestyle. Indeed this is my reality. All the recipes posted on my blog are used in my everyday life.

To sum up everything you can find here is my real practical experience.

I guess that’s what makes RoseMary Blog  so special.

DSC02746P.S. thanks to the good Basil experiment I feel like brave enough to try growing other greens in pots here in Bangkok.

Now you can be sure I really follow my own piece of advice about Growing Basil Indoors.

And what about you?

Do you follow my advice or you just follow  the RoseMary Blog?)))

Please feel free to write in comments.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Rose

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