big_3858_oboi_ovoshhi_na_stoleEvery person understands that diet is an important step on the way to health and beauty. But in reality, unfortunately the majority of women have unpleasant memories connected with the word diet:  days of asceticism, which in addition rarely help achieve the dream effect.

One of the reasons why diets do produce unpleasant consequences is that the person that uses it comes to the process as to the fight. But unfortunately the fight against your own body.

Tibetan medicine believes that the only way to achieve the result, whether it’s health- improvement  or ideal perfect figure is the formation of friendly relations with our body.
You have to love your body. This is the first step to success.

But how can you love something you do not know?

We do not know the construction of our body and its real needs. In addition we try to cure it with diets,  unfortunately,  not understanding how it works.

Tibetan therapist know the subtle nature of any product. Using simple combining of different types of products they have a universal tool to get a strong health and radiant beauty. Tibetan dietology is a natural science, which treats every person and every life situations on an individual basis, which allows to achieve the best results.

The same way as a traditional Tibetan medicine dietology is also  based on the theory of five subtle elements (space, air, earth, water, fire). Each flavor is formed from two subtle elements, which characteristics is the basis of its impact on our body.

Below you can find a description of  6 basic flavors which are the base of understanding and using Tibetan dietology in our everyday life.

302336381.Sweet flavor- strengthens the body, its resistance and durability, but when in excess causes overweight, thyroid and pancreas, bodily functions are inhibited. The sweet taste has calming effect on the nervous system. It relaxes the mind and gives a good mood.

2.Sour taste enhances heat, strengthens appetite, aids digestion. Excess causes fever, vomiting and dizziness. Activates, gives motivation and confidence.

3.The salt flavor triggers the donation of sweat, but in excess, the salt taste causes hair loss and the appearance of wrinkles.

4.The bitter flavor treats appetite disorders, liver diseases, diseases of the throat.

5.The hot flavor treats diseases of the trachea, strengthens digestion, dilates blood vessels. Emotionally adds color everyday life.

6.Tart taste heals wounds, improves skin appearance.

These are the basic properties of the main 5 flavors that are very important in the process of forming individual  diet. Knowing the subtle, energetic basis for every taste and every product we can more effectively pick the products according to today’s needs.

Such action ourselves become nutritionist and choose only those products that fit us perfectly. This  means that such a diet will have the greatest likelihood of healing our body and soul.

This is only the beginning of an interesting conversation about Tibetan dietology ….

Mary Rose

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